Endodontics: Principles and Practice


by Arvind Shenoy and KUNDABALA MALA

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Endodontics
CHAPTER 2 Structure and Physiology of Pulp-Dentin Complex
CHAPTER 3 Embryological Development of Pulp-Dentin Complex
CHAPTER 4 Pulpal Pathology, Infl ammation and Immunological Responses
CHAPTER 5 The Apical Periodontium
CHAPTER 6 Periapical Pathology of Endodontic Origin
CHAPTER 7 Diagnosis of Endodontic Lesions
CHAPTER 8 Differential Diagnosis of Pulpal and Periapical Lesions
CHAPTER 9 Treatment Planning in Endodontics
CHAPTER 10 Root Canal Morphology
CHAPTER 11 Instruments, Materials and Devices
CHAPTER 12 Endodontic Microbiology
CHAPTER 13 Access Preparation and Length Determination
CHAPTER 14 Preparation of Radicular Spaces
CHAPTER 15 Intracanal Irrigants and Medicaments
CHAPTER 16 Contemporary Techniques for Obturation of the Root Canal System
CHAPTER 17 Failure of Endodontic Therapy and Retreatment Options
CHAPTER 18 Endodontic Periodontal Relations
CHAPTER 19 Tooth Resorption
CHAPTER 20 Traumatic Injuries of Teeth
CHAPTER 21 Surgical and Microsurgical Endodontics
CHAPTER 22 Vital Pulp Therapy Permanent Teeth
CHAPTER 23 Postendodontic Restorations
CHAPTER 24 Bleaching of Discoloured Teeth
CHAPTER 25 Vertical Root Fractures
CHAPTER 26 Regenerative Endodontics and Future Endodontics
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