Esthetics in Implantology : Strategies for Soft and Hard Tissues

Jose das Neves

This beautifully illustrated book, organized in 10 chapters, addresses the anatomic, functional, and clinical components of osseointegration in conjunction with hard and soft tissue therapies.

Demonstrating the importance of multidisciplinary as well as interdisciplinary treatment, the authors present cases that document clinical success for osseointegration procedures in terms of optimization of biologic, functional, and esthetic parameters. Prof P-I Br nemark states in the foreword that “the decisive facts in success or failure in the final efforts require attention to details in selection of material and procedure, but equally important is a sensitive interaction between doctor and patient. The author of this book has documented a remarkable capacity to return the oral and maxillofacial structures and functions as close to normal as possible. 1,500 illustrations (mostly color)


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