Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 12th Edition

Esther M. Wilkins
>Considered the cornerstone text in almost every dental hygiene education program in the country, Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 12e helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need for successful, evidence-based practice in today s rapidly changing oral health care environment. Written by one of the preeminent voices in dental hygiene education, the book progresses through crucial topics in dental hygiene in a straightforward, outline format, making information easy to locate, understand, and reference.
To help readers prepare for effective, culturally sensitive practice, six sections of the 12th Edition conform to the Dental Hygiene Process of Care: “Assessment, Diagnosis, Care Planning, Implementation, Education, “and, new to this edition, “Documentation. “Updated and revised throughout, this edition includes new material on motivational interviewing, risk assessment, and alternate practice settings, and is enhanced by new clinically relevant color photos, real-world examples, and dynamic online video clips that illustrate procedures and techniques and bring concepts to life.

  • New Personalized chapter quizzes powered by prepUhelp your student s improve their performance while providing you with a window into student and class progress by highlighting misconceptions, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • New”Enhance Your Understanding boxes”identify all print and digital resources available by chapter, including the hands-on”Workbook,” online learning tools on thePoint, and”prepU”adaptive quizzing.
  • Updatedsection onDocumentationas a part of the Dental Hygiene Process of Care, this brings the clinical care of a patient full circle.
  • Newcoverage ofmotivational interviewingshows students how to use this proven communication method to elicit and strengthen the patient s intrinsic motivation to work toward positive change in oral health.
  • Updated content onRisk Assessment for Oral Diseaseadded to Chapters 12, 19, and 27 prepares readers for this key aspect of effective practice.
  • New clinically relevantcolor photosand real world exampleshelp readers connect what they re learning to practice.
  • New information on alternative practice settingsprepares readers for successful practice.
Halmark Features:
  • A detailedoutline formatmakes information easier to locate and is ideal for students preparing for Licensure Board examinations.
  • Step-by-step instructionscover all aspects of dental hygiene from radiologic diagnosis and technique to treating patients with special needs and medical/dental areas of concern, such as infectious diseases, allergic reactions, blood disorders, and medications.
  • “Everyday Ethics”boxesgive students an opportunity to explore the types of clinical problems they are likely to encounter in real-life practice.
  • “Factors to Teach””the Patient”boxescover topics of interest when teaching patients, family members, and the community self-care and responsibility for oral health.
  • In-depth coverage of”Documentation”includes example documentation notes written in the SOAP notes format, demonstrating the importance of including such notes in each patient s permanent record.
  • Chapter-opening”Outlines”provide an at-a-glance overview and help readers locate specific topics quickly.
  • Chapter-opening”Learning Objectives”provide a road map to important information that must be mastered.
  • Key Wordsboxesidentify spelling and define new vocabulary terms in context. Each key word is listed in the index to facilitate quick reference to all definitions.
  • Video iconsdirect readers to related online video clips that illustrate key procedures and techniques.
Student Resources:
  • Quiz Bank, Audio Glossary, and Videos
Instructor Resources
  • Test Bank, Lesson Plans, PowerPoint Presentations, Image Bank, Answers to the exercises found in the Active Learning Workbook, LMS Cartridges, prepU instructor version and ebook


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