Implant Prosthodontics : A Patient-Oriented Strategy

Stefan Wolfart, Sönke Harder, Sven Reich, Irena Saiker, Volker Weber

While a wealth of specialist literature is available on the surgical aspects of implant dentistry, there is no comprehensive, systematic textbook on the implant-supported prosthodontic rehabilitation of the patient – which is the true goal of almost every implant treatment.This renowned team of authors has filled that gap in exemplary fashion. Illustrated with well over 2,000 figures and numerous flowcharts, this book presents a coherent, evidence-based concept of prosthesis-oriented implant placement and individual esthetic prosthodontic restoration, conceptualized in detail from the first stages of planning to the aftercare period. The key interfaces between implantologist and prosthodontist, prosthodontist and dental technician, and also between the patient and the treatment team, are explained in detail.Sure to become a future standard text, this book is a must-have, not only for implantologists and prosthodontists, but also for the overwhelming majority of dentists and dental technicians.


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