Short and Ultra-Short Implants

Douglas Deporter


Research has shown that short implants are not only a viable option but oftentimes a superior one that carries fewer risks for the patient and dentist, especially in resorbed jaw sites. As clinical trials continue to underscore the safety and efficacy of short implants, more dentists are considering their use with real interest, and this book provides the information clinicians need to incorporate short implants into their own practice. The book reviews the clinical effectiveness of short implants and then describes treatment protocols for the various types of short implants and their placement in different areas of the mouth. Case presentations demonstrate the recommended techniques and showcase the results.Contents 1. Why Avoid Using Short Implants? 2. The Performance of Short and Ultra-Short Implants 3. A Single Practitioner’s 20-Year Experience with Short Implants 4. Using Short Implants for Overdenture Support 5. Threaded Implants in the Posterior Maxilla 6. Threaded Implants in the Atrophic Posterior Mandible 7. Press-Fit Sintered Porous-Surfaced Implants 8. Plateau Root Form Implants 9. Ultra-Wide Threaded Implants for Molar Replacement 10. The Way Forward


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