Textbook of Oral Radiology – E-Book (2nd ed.)

Anil Govindrao Ghom

The second edition of oral radiology serves for the purpose of helping the students to understand the topics as well as to prepare them thoroughly to face examinations.

  •  New chapters have been added on Periosteal Reaction, Lamina dura and CBCT
  •   Chapters extensibly revised to include recent advances and new and better quality photographs added for better understanding of the subject
  • At the end of each chapter, a short summary of the topic has been introduced for fast revision of the topics
  • MCQs, SAQs and LAQs are provided in each chapter
  • Appendices section contains useful topics like Pathogenesis of Radiological Appearances in Orofacial Lesions, Radiological Differential Diagnosis of Lesion, Periosteal Bone Reactions and its Diagnostic Significance, Glossary, and Quick Review


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