Anteriores: Natural & Beautiful Teeth: Picture Gallery


by Jan hajto (Author), . (Contributor)

Dr Jan Hajtó has focused on aesthetic design rules of anterior teeth for many years. He published the results of his intensive research and his work with patients under the title „Anteriores“ (consisting of a textbook and an illustrated book). The success of this volume resulted in the release of a new edition. It is available as of now. In this new edition, Hajtó explores the nature of beauty and tries to answer the question whether there are rules of beauty. The textbook as a standard work deals with morphogenesis, micro-anatomy and morphological details of anterior teeth. The illlustrated book invites the readers to study the variety of natural toothforms and positions in direct comparison. It is a useful tool to understand the diversity of natural teeth and implement it in one’s own practical work with patients.


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