Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry 25th ed. Edition


by Richard Wynn (Author)

TheLexicomp Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, 25th Edition, is the best-selling dental reference designed for any dental professional seeking clinically relevant information on medications, OTCs, and herbal products.

The Lexicomp Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry has been helping dental professionals enhance patient care for 25 years! Information is presented in an easy-to-use, two-column format, with medications alphabetically indexed by brand and generic names, as well as by index terms. Within individual drug monographs, dental-specific fields are highlighted in red, a timesaving feature within an information-rich resource. Drug content is complemented by special sections dedicated to medically compromised patients, specific oral conditions, and sample prescriptions.

> 1562 Drug Monographs
> Up to 55 Fields of Information per Monograph
> 200 Natural Products
> 102 Sample Prescriptions
> More Than 160 Pages of Special Topics and Appendix Information


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