Preventing Medical Emergencies: Use of the Medical History


  • Frieda Pickett RDH, MS, Former Associate Professor, Clinical Coordinator, Caruth School of Dental Hygiene, Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, TX

Written specifically for dental professionals, hygienists, and assistants, this text describes ways to prevent and manage medical emergencies in the dental office. It is the only text specifically designed for medical history review to identify clinical issues for patients with compromised health.

The text format follows the outline of the American Dental Association’s medical history form and covers patient assessment skills, general pathophysiology, and medical management of patients with compromised health. Readers will learn techniques for identifying potential emergency risks, clinically relevant treatment plan modifications, and strategies for preventing and managing specific emergencies. Case studies and test questions make the book ideal for both self-study and classroom study.

Key Features

  • Follows the outline of the ADA’s Medical History form (developed to help dental professionals uncover potential emergency risks and plan for their management) with each major section of the form covered in one chapter.
  • Easy to find “follow-up” questions for all conditions on the most recent American Dental Association Health History form and appropriate treatment plan modifications. Explanations given for the questions included on a comprehensive health history.
  • Step-by-step procedures for preventing medical emergencies as well as effectively managing those emergencies that do occur.
  • Information on potential risks for emergency situations, clinically relevant treatment plan modifications, strategies to prevent the emergency, and strategies to manage the emergency.
  • Specifically created for medical history review to identify clinical conditions for the patient with compromised health. This is the only text available designed specifically for medical history review issues.
  • Each section begins with the pathogenesis (the origin of a disease) of the specific condition, the relevance of the disease condition to dental treatment, and management of specific emergencies.
  • Organized into a 15-week self-study textbook to fit into a 15-week semester.
  • Features in every chapter: List of key terms with definitions and general objectives. Test questions and case studies make the book appropriate for self-study as well as classroom study. Answers to test questions are located at the end of each chapter with page numbers indicating where the correct answer is located.


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