Practical Pathology for Dental Students 2nd Edition

by Harsh Mohan (Author)

Thorough updating: All the chapters and topics have undergone thorough revision and updating of various aspects. While most of the newer information has been inserted between the lines, a few topics have been rewritten. In doing so, the basic accepted style of the book—simple, easy-to-understand and reproducibility of the subject matter, and emphasis on clarity and accuracy, has not been changed.
Reorganised contents: The revised edition has 30 chapters divided into two parts: Part A: General Pathology (4 sections) and Part B: Systemic Pathology (2 sections). This has been done in conformity with the revised recommendations in the syllabus prescribed by the DCI; however, a few additional topics have been added for an inquisitive learner. Topics such as Techniques in Pathology and Normal Values have been shifted to Practical Pathology for Dental Students where these topics belong.
More and new figures/tables: There are several newer figures and tables in the revised edition. All free-hand labelled sketches of gross specimens and line-drawings of microscopic features of an entity have been placed alongside the corresponding specimen photograph and photomicrograph, respectively, enhancing the understanding of the subject for the beginners in pathology.
Gist Boxes: Throughout the book, at the end of every topic, a uniquely coloured box containing summary of the topic just covered has been placed. These Gist Boxes are meant for quick revision of the topics in a short time. Since these boxes have a distinct colour scheme throughout the book, the student can revise the entire subject by quickly turning pages of the book and these boxes become readily visible without having to search for them, making the book truly user-friendly.
Free! Practical Pathology (Second Edition): Introduction of Practical Pathology for Dental Students in the previous edition of this book was widely welcomed, and that too free with the book! Second edition of Practical Pathology for Dental Students is also available free with the fifth revised edition of Essential Pathology for Dental Students and has now 27 Practical Exercises (instead of 25 in previous the edition) on the pattern of practical classes of students. A newer feature of the second edition of this companion book is addition of a few Key Questions for Viva Voce at the end of each practical exercise. This is likely to benefit the students greatly in quick revision of the practical subject and also an exercise in self-assessment. This book has a few additional exercises than the practicals recommended by the DCI for those desirous of learning more.
Thus, the revised edition is a comprehensive twin package covering updated text of theory and practical exercises along with questions for viva voce in pathology for students of dentistry. It is anticipated that with such a complete coverage of the subject, the users will not have to refer to any other book during their routine learning of pathology. It is also hoped that practicing clinicians and students of other branches of medicine such as pharmacy, physiotherapy, laboratory medicine, nursing and alternate systems of medicine, would also find it useful.


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