Lasers in Operative Dentistry and Endodontics

by Vinisha Pandey (Author)

It covers an up-to-date review on lasers in dentistry focussing on operative dentistry and endodontics. It gives the dental students a basic idea of underlying physics, uses, advantages and disadvantages of lasers. Lasers have widespread applications in communication, defence, industry and medicine as well as dentistry. An essential condition for the proper and successful use of lasers in any specialty is an understanding of the characteristics and limitations of wavelengths, interaction with tissues, mode of transmission, delivery systems and settings. The book introduces lasers through a student’s point of view and further augments the information by citing the studies done in the different aspects of dentistry. From diagnosing a simple caries to the treatment of the most complex lesions or pathologies, lasers are by far taking over the conventional and traditionally followed techniques by the dental practitioners. This book aims to stimulate learning the applications and is expected to be a handy guide.


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