Functional Aesthetic Dentistry : How to Achieve Predictable Aesthetic Results Using Principles of a Stable Occlusion

Neeraj Khanna

This book provides all the information needed by the dentist in order to understand functional occlusion and describes a coherent method that, through application of principles of form and function, allows the delivery of predictable, natural, and long-lasting aesthetic results. After clear explanation of the concepts of functional aesthetics, functional occlusion, and the envelope of function, the 12 stages of a complete examination are carefully set out, with accompanying rationale. Similarly, full guidance is provided on acquisition of appropriate diagnostic records, comprising perfect impressions, facebow transfer, centric relation bite record, and digital photographs. Further, a method for correct determination of the incisal edge position is presented, with explanation of the importance of this position to aesthetics, function, and phonetics. A step-by-step description of the treatment planning process is then provided, followed by guidance on preparation design and fabrication of restorations. Readers will find the book to be an invaluable aid to attainment of consistent aesthetic results based on stable occlusion.


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