Burning Mouth Disease : A Guide to Diagnosis and Management

Isaac Van Der Waal

This book gives a comprehensive overview of the symptoms, causes and treatment of Burning Mouth disease and Burning Mouth-like diseases.

Burning mouth disease (BMD), also referred to as burning mouth syndrome, is an enigmatic disease for both the patient and the clinician. When the disease is not recognized as such, the patient may become exposed to a wide variety of redundant treatments, including dental and surgical procedures. The text is science-based including literature from the past decades as well as practice-oriented containing treatment guidelines established on personal experience from the author. Much attention is paid to the symptoms of various diseases that may mimic those of BMD. Neurologic and psychogenic aspects are well covered, as are the many treatment modalities, such as pharmacological and nonpharmacological ones. Step-by-step approaches are outlined in this book to help make an apparently unbearable disease more or less acceptable to live with. This monograph will be of help for all dental and medical healthcare providers who are involved in the diagnosis and management of patients suffering from BMD and BMD-like symptoms.


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