Management of Temporomandibular Disorders in the General Dental Practice

Gunnar E. Carlsson, Tomas Magnusson

Presents a clinically oriented approach to managing patients with signs and symptons of TMD. The aim of the text is to enable practitioners to take an essential role in managing TMD problems using simple diagnostic and treatment modalities, while at the same time recognizing the need to refer patients with chronic pain and pain disorders to other specialists. The centrepiece of the book is 30 case studies of actual patients treated by the authors; these histories illustrate the types of patients that can and cannot be managed successfully by the general practitioner. Complementing these case histories are an informed discussion of the history and aetiology of TMD; a review of the various types of disorders that fall under the TMD umbrella; a description of the signs and symptoms of these various disorders and how to differentiate between them; and a detailed explanation of the treatment modalities that have been proven to be successful.


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