Sjoegren’s Syndrome and Oral Health : Disease Characteristics and Management of Oral Manifestations

Seunghee Cha

This book provides a thorough update on Sjoegren’s syndrome (SS) and its adverse impacts on oral health. The opening section focuses on the clinical and laboratory characteristics of SS and its current management. Here, readers will find information on diagnostic criteria, pharmacotherapy, dental management, and the importance of saliva in oral health and SS. Attention then turns to the immunopathogenesis of SS, which includes the mechanisms of secretory dysfunction, myoepithelial cell functions in salivary gland physiology and disease, dysregulated innate and adaptive immunity, and B-cell expansion and neoplasia. The final section details important advances in SS diagnosis and therapy. The differential diagnoses of recurrent glandular swelling, glandular irrigation and sialendoscopy, and salivary gland ultrasound for SS in children are explained, along with the pharmacological management for SS, clinical care for dry eyes, and gene therapy. This book will be of interest to not only dental practitioners and researchers but also rheumatologists and pathologists.


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