Concise Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Ruchi Gupta, Jayshree Hegde, Vijay Prakash, A Srirekha


Concise Conservative dentistry and Endodontics is a comprehensive books covering the entire syllabus prescribed by Dental Council of India (DCI). It is written in easy to understand format which is enriched with numerous line diagrams, tables and highlighted text for conservative dentistry and endodontics.

Contains 49 chapters under 2 sections covering basic topics, specialized materials and techniques used in Conservative dentistry and Endodontics
Includes latest topics like Minimal Interventional dentistry and Evidence based dentistry
In each chapter certain text is highlighted in boxes for better understanding
Contains high quality illustrations, tables, line diagrams and flowcharts
For self – assessment question bank is provided in the end to prepare students for various examinations


Note: Only Dental member can download this ebook. Learn more here!

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