by Jin-Young Choi, Seung-Hak Baek, Yoon-Hee Kwon

The general treatment procedure for dentofacial deformities is completed by pre-operative
orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, and post-operative orthodontics treatment, in such order. Even
though this conventional procedure shows relatively satisfactory results, it has critical drawbacks
that the facial profile worsens during the pre-operative orthodontics and the period of total orthodontic
treatment is too long. We considered how to overcome these drawbacks, and finally came up with the socalled
surgery first orthognathic treatment, in which the operator calculates the amount that will be corrected
by pre-operative orthodontics and sets up the treatment plan including post-operative orthodontics. However,
it was just the imagination until Dr. Yoon-Hee Kwon, and professor Seung-Hak Baek who are orthodontists
with an interest in this research, gave me a help. As a team, we developed the concept of the surgery fist
orthognathic approach and applied it to patients. Among them, some cases showed a better result than we
expected but other cases did not. Based on the treatment experience until now, there were cases which this
new treatment method exactly resulted in what conventional treatment would have done (In this case, new
method overcame the drawbacks of the conventional one). In case of whis:h surgery first orthognathic
approach could not applied, minimal presurgical orthodontic treatments were performed in order to solve the
problem interfering Surgery First Orthognathic Approach (SFOA) and maximum efficiency could be
acquired and we think that we can treat the difficult cases some day. Also, we insist that this method is a
better physiological treatment than the conventional one.
Some orthognathic surgeons or orthodontists, who do not have a chance to know about the surgery first
orthognathic Approach, would think that doctor supporting this new concept lacks of the surgical orthodontic
concept and it is just a way to tempt the patients to come to their clinics. So we decided to present all research
data about the surgery first orthognathic approach and explained th~ concept, the methods, and the real cases
of the surgery first orthognathic approach. We believe that this trial will help the doctors, who do not have a
chance to know it in detail but have an interest in it, understand it better. We also decided to publish the book
surgery dealing with the surgery first orthodontics to develop the concept and method of it more than what
we, including me and Dr. Kwon and Prof. Baek some other doctors, had developed. This book is not the
completed version of the surgery first orthognathic approach. This book is just a starting point to let others
know that the surgical orthodontic treatment can be done by this surgery first orthognathic approach and to
develop the surgery first orthognathic approach. We expect that the clinical and theoretical study will be
done, and someday the study makes the concept of the surgery first orthognathic approach perfect. ,
This book is composed of the concept and procedure of the surgery first orthognathic ‘approach, the
surgical procedure, and the concept applied examples surgery first orthognathic approach and minimum
presurgical orthodontic approach, in such order. This book also includes the BSSRO, Le Fort I osteotomy,
genioplasty, anterior segmental osteotomy, mandibular angle reduction, malarplasty, etc. So, this book would
provide the orthodontists and maxillofacial plastic surgeons with the information about several surgical
methods which are used to improve the facial beauty.


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