Occlusion, TMJ dysfunctions and orofacial pain from A to Z


Jeffrey P. Okeson

This course will give you a comprehensive understanding of TMJ dysfunctions, facial pain and occlusion in the concept of Jeffrey Okeson performed by the legendary author.

The course contains information only with a scientific evidence base – this will help to take a fresh look at functional issues.

We recommend this course as a must for every dentist. What is very important – in 33 lessons the most complete presentation of the author’s lectures is collected!

The training consists of 6 modules:

– Understanding Masticatory Function and Dysfunction

– Understanding Orofacial Pain

– Evaluating the Pain Patient and Establishing the Diagnosis

– Managing Temporomandibular Disorders

– Evaluating and Managing other Orofacial Pain Disorders

– Other consideration of TMD and Orofacial Pain.


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