KAO 2021 Korean Association Of Orthodontists 2021 (Videos)

Special Lecture
Junji Sugawara
Correction of Severe Facial Asymmetry with the Application of Orthognathic Surgery and TADs
Eric Liou
“Jaw-bone First” Class III Orthodontic Treatment with TADs
Ravindra Nanda
Skeletal Anchorage with TADs: State of Current Research
Young-Chel Park
How We Extended the Limits of Tooth Movement with Implant Orthodontics?
Oct 15
(GMT+9) Surgery vs Non-surgery
Jorge Faber
Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Surgery First Surgical-Orthodontic treatment
Flavio Uribe
Skeletal Anchorage in Surgery First with Clear Aligners
Kee-Joon Lee
Creative Non-Surgical Bone Augmentation in the Treatment of Ankylosis and Deep Impaction
Nonsurgical Treatment & Clinical Validity
Hyo-Sang Park
Management of Facial Asymmetry with Microimplants and Its Retention
Tae-Woo Kim
Orthodontic Treatment of Skeletal Class II Open Bite: 1) Closing the Open Bite and 2) Solving the A-P Discrepancy
Class III Malocclusion
Peter Ngan
Maxillary Expansion with TADs in Young Adults
Benedict Wilmes
Treatment of Maxillary Transversal and Sagittal Deficiency with the Use of Miniscrews: An Update
Krishnaswamy R. Nathamuni
Exploring the Limits of TAD Assisted Orthodontics, Orthopedics and Orthognathic Surgery in Cl III Malocclusion
New Devices
Glenn T. Sameshima
The History and Legacy of the WIOA
Yasuhiro Itsuki
Introduction of New Palatal Implant
Ali M. Darendeliler
Aligners versus Surgical Plates in Open Bite Cases
Orthopedic Treatment
Selly Sayuri Suzuki
Clinical Considerations to Increase MARPE Effectiveness in Adults
Giuliano B. Maino
MAPA Approach for Absolute Bone Borne Adult Maxillary Expansion
Júlio Gurgel
MARPE: Expanding the Limits of the Orthodontics
Biomechanics & Esthetics
Jang-Yeol Lee
Controlling Apical Root Position and Its Long-term Stability
Noriaki Yoshida
Application of Temporary Anchorage Devices for Efficient Tooth Movement
Kelvin Chang
Open Bite Correction in Different Types of Malocclusion

(GMT+9) Ryu’s Lecture Award
Youn-Sic Chun
How Do You Use Light Force in the TAD Era?
Special Lecture
Nikhilesh R. Vaid
More than Meets the EYE!… Aligner Evidence through the Clinician’s Lens
Steven J. Lindauer
Biomechanical Considerations in Anchorage
Jae Hyun Park
Anterior Open Bite Correction: Surgery vs TADs
Oct 16
(GMT+9) Eruption Problem
Won-Hee Lim
Eruption Management
Sung-Hoon Lim
Efficient Treatment of Mesially Impacted Molars
Yoonji Kim
Canine Impaction : How to Create Eruption Path with Less Side Effects?
Class II Malocclusion
Min-Ho Jung
Improving the Class II Profile: A New Perspective
Yoon-Goo Kang
Evolution of Non-Compliance Maxillary Molar Distalizer: Pendulum
Luis Carriere
Minimum Touch Orthodontics in Severe Class II and III Malocclusions

Symposium – Aligner treatment: Possibilities and Limitations
Seong-Hun Kim
Biocreative Hybrid Aligner (CH-Aligner) System in the Contemporary TSADs Orthodontics
Choon Gwack
Is Direct 3D-Printed Clear Aligner a Dream or Reality?
Seong-Sik Kim
Predictability of Tooth Movements on Clear Aligner Treatment by Properties of Materials and Sequential Series
Hyeok Ji
Overcoming the Extraction Cases with Invisalign Clear Aligner System



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