Bone: Biology, Harvesting, and Grafting for Dental Implants

Arun K. Garg

Dental implant placement often requires bone grafting to ensure sufficient bony support for the implants being placed. Depending on the biologic conditions of the patient, including the level of bone atrophy and the status of the remaining teeth in the mouth, more adjunctive procedures like bone harvesting or sinus grafting may be required. This book covers it all, from the biology of bone and how dental implants work within that framework to the many procedures for harvesting bone and using it to augment sites for implant placement. The different types of bone grafts and membranes are discussed as well as procedures to preserve the alveolar ridge following tooth extraction. Bone is easier to preserve than replace, but you can only preserve what is not already lost, and this book explains how to manage bone in all patient scenarios to ensure successful implant placement. Dr Garg was a pioneer in dental bone grafting, and this new edition keeps him at the forefront of the field.Contents 1. Bone Biology and Physiology for Dental Implantology 2. Review of Bone Grafting Materials 3. Overview of Membranes Barriers 4. Harvesting Bone from the Ramus 5. Harvesting Bone from the Mandibular Symphysis 6. Harvesting Bone from the Tibia 7. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins for Bone Regeneration 8. Alveolar Ridge Preservation After Tooth Extraction 9. Augmentation Grafting of the Maxillary Sinus for Placement of Dental Implants 10. Augmentation and Grafting of the Maxillary Anterior Alveolar Ridge 11. Subnasal Elevation and Bone Augmentation 12. Grafting of the Nasopalatine Canal 13. Ridge Spreading and Ridge Splitting Techniques for Dental Implants 14. Membrane-Guided Bone Regeneration With and Without Cortical Bone Pins 15. Alveolar Ridge Grafting with Autogenous Bone Plates 16. Allogeneic Bone Plates for Bone Grafting 17. Titanium Mesh for Bone Regeneration


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