Dental Terminology, 3rd Edition

Dental terminology 3By

  • Charline M. Dofka, Diversified Cooperative Health Occupations coordinator, Belmont Career Center, St. Clairsville, Ohio

DENTAL TERMINOLOGY, Third edition takes a word-building approach to help dental assistants understand and remember dental terminology better than ever before. DENTAL TERMINOLOGY is not a strict dictionary of dental terms, but rather a word bank with pronunciation guides and definitions applied to practice areas, it’s the resource that dental professionals can use for years to come. The chapters are organized by specialty area, so readers can always find the information quickly. Whether learning in the classroom or on the job, DENTAL TERMINOLOGY, Third edition is the easy-to-use reference that comes in handy again and again.

New to this Edition

  • New terms relating to radiology and CAT scanning.
  • Expanded coverage on CAT/CAM laboratory and chairside use.
  • Updated terms for cosmetic dentistry applications.
  • More pictures in full color illustrate the information and help students remember the terms.

Key Features

  • Word-building approach instructs students about the make-up and proper use of of dental terminology.
  • Free practice software provides additional opportunities for practice and review of pronunciations and definitions. Games and activities such as Hangman, Crossword Puzzles, Flash Cards, Matching, and Spelling Bee allow interactive and fun review of the terms.
  • “Sounds like” pronunciations help users learn to pronounce difficult terms.


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