Pathology Practical Book for Dental Students

Pathology practical book for dental studentsBy

  • Harsh Mohan  MD, FAMS, FICPath, FUICC, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology, Government Medical College, Sector-32 A, Chandigarh-160 031, India
  • Sugandha Mohan  BDS

The book is primarily prepared as per DCI recommendations given in the revised syllabus in Pathology for second year students of BDS, it is also expected to be useful for practising clinicians and other students of medicine such as those pursuing course in physiotherapy, pharmacy, nursing, laboratory technology and alternate systems of medicine. The book is organised systematically into 4 Sections, each section having certain number of practical exercises (in all 25) patterned on the format of practical class of students. These are: Techniques in Pathology (Exercise 1-4), Clinical Pathology and Basic Cytopathology (Exercise 5-7), Haematology (Exercise 8-13) and Histopathology (Exercise 14-25). The book is structured in a way that it aims to hone the practical and diagnostic skills of the learner in pathology in a user-friendly manner. All exercises have listed key features point-wise for easy understanding and reproducibility, leaving out theoretical details for learning from the main course book so as not to lose focus on key diagnostic and practical points. Brief and point-wise text in each exercise is richly supported by labelled line-drawings with corresponding specimen photograph and microscopic image for conceptual learning. Thus, the book may become a must-take to practical class by the students to learn the subject effectively and to revise the entire matter quickly for their examination and viva. The book has many additional exercises over and above those given in the revised syllabus by the DCI in the opening pages of the book.


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