Concise Oral Pathology 2nd Edition

K Manjunath

Written in question-answer format, Oral Pathology: Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates provides all the essential concepts of Oral Pathology to give better insight to the students and helps them to write well prepared answers in examinations. Tailor-made answers to the frequently asked questions are provided.

The book is primarily meant for UG students but will also be helpful to PG students for reference purpose.

Salient Features

Easy to understand and systemic presentation of answers in examination.
Presents text in well-structured format including definition, pathogenesis, clinical features, radiographic features, histopathology, prognosis and predictive features
Bulleted points help in rapid revision and self-assessment before examination
Hand-drawn histopathological diagrams, flowcharts, tables and schematic illustrations helps to understand subject in a simple format.
Contributors are added for a broader scope of knowledge

Additional Feature

Complimentary access to enhanced e-book with chapterwise frequently asked questions and answers


Note: Only Dental member can download this ebook. Learn more here!

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