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Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS, FACD, FICD, Assistant Professor of Graduate Endodontics, Loma Linda University and UO California, Los Angeles, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Endodontics, UO Pacific, School of Dentistry

Product Description

A comprehensive DVD covering all aspects of shaping canals and three-dimensionally cleaning & filling root canal systems.

This DVD is intended to be a comprehensive reference source for conventional endodontic treatment and includes the following topics:

Rationale for Treatment
Appreciate how pulpal breakdown, disease flow and root canal systems impact the restorative practice.
Patient Diagnosis
Learn the 3-step endo exam, how to identify pulpally involved teeth, and find the “pot of gold”.
Access Preparation
Achieve complete, straightline access to all orifices and create the opening for canal preparation.
Concepts & Strategies
Learn how to sequence the prep, establish working length, and consistently manage the glide path.
Shaping Techniques
“Ruddle on Rotary” techniques allow you to safely and efficiently shape canals with emphasis on internal and external anatomy.
Hydrodynamic Disinfection
Visualize how fluid activation encourages debridement and disinfection. Cleaning root canal systems promotes 3-D obturation.
3-D Obturation
Step-by-step techniques demonstrate how to predictably fill root canal systems using warm gutta percha methods.
Coronal Restoration
Appreciate the importance of achieving the “rest of the seal” and how to properly finish successful endodontic treatment.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Santa Barbara, Calif. : Advanced Endodontics, ©2009.
  • Total Length: 1:44:33
  • Language: English
  • Frame rate: 29 frames/ second
  • Dimension: 448 x 320
  • Total bitrate: 935 kbps
  • File size: 699 Mb


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