Principles of Design and Fabrication in Prosthodontics

Hohmann, Arnold / Hielscher, Werner

Written for the dental technician, this comprehensive textbook describes the philosophy behind prosthodontic design and systematically details all of the working steps in designing and fabricating restorations and dentures. Unlike other prosthodontic texts, this one is written from a design perspective first and foremost, explaining the rationale behind the most minute of design considerations, such as different extension arms in removable partial denture clasps. Entire chapters are devoted to supporting elements of restorations, such as attachments, anchors, and clasps, and the statics of partial dentures, underscoring the book’s emphasis on stability during function and how to make wise design choices to achieve it. The book does not stop at design, however, it includes comprehensive instructions on fabrication as well, clearly delineating the responsibilities of the dental technician and the dentists. A chapter on complete dentures includes multiple working methods and philosophies from prosthodontic pioneers, and the final chapter describes how to incorporate sound prosthodontic design into implant therapy. This book will surely change the way dental technicians approach prosthodontic design.

Chapter 1. Preprosthetics
Chapter 2. Coronal Restoration
Chapter 3. Features of Partial Dentures
Chapter 4. Removable Partial Dentures
Chapter 5. Telescopic Anchoring and Supporting Elements
Chapter 6. Resilient Anchoring and Supporting Elements
Chapter 7. Statics of Partial Dentures
Chapter 8. Complete Dentures
Chapter 9. Implant Terminology


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