TechBook, Complete Set of 7 Volumes

PTC Dental

A hardcover manual with detailed, step by step procedures and photographs of the theory and application of the essential production skills every technician needs to be their best. TechBooks are the instant reference that should be in every professional’s toolbox.

Knowledge of anatomy is the very foundation of excellence and is essential to developing the artistic perception and judgement needed to create natural restorations in any case. ISBN

Volume 1
Anterior Anatomy and the Science of a Natural Smile
Volume 2
Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy
Volume 3
Framework Design and Fabrication
Volume 4
Crown and Bridge Anatomical Waxing
Volume 5
Anterior and Posterior Porcelain Application
Volume 6
Contouring Anterior Bridges
Volume 7
Contouring Posterior Bridges


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