Essentials of Pharmacology for Dentistry

K. D. Tripathi

All chapters are thoroughly revised and updated with the latest information and new drugs. Leading trade names and dosage forms of drugs generally prescribed by dentists are included.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section describes general pharmacological principles involved in drug therapy; the second section discusses systemic pharmacology and presents a brief account of drugs acting on various organ systems and used in the treatment of common disorders affecting these systems; the third section covers antimicrobials and other drugs which the dentists prescribe or administer themselves.

Guidelines for prophylaxis of HIV infection are provided.
Drugs and aids having specific application in dental disorders and in dental care, e.g. drugs for dental plaque, caries tooth, dentine sensitivity along with aids like dentifrices, bleaching agents, disclosing agents, etc. are described in a separate chapter, pointing out their role in current practice.
Management of medical emergencies, like fainting, hypoglycaemia, allergic/anaphylactic reaction, angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, asthmatic attack or seizures are outlined in a new chapter, along with a list of medicines that should be kept in the emergency tray.


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