Clinical Atlas of Retreatment in Endodontics

Viresh Chopra

Explore a comprehensive pictorial guide to the retreatment of root canals and failed endodontic cases with step-by-step advice on retreatment management

Clinical Atlas of Retreatment in Endodontics delivers an image-based reference to the management of failed root canal cases. It provides evidence-based strategies and detailed clinical explanations to manage and retreat previous endodontically failed cases. It contains concrete evidence-based and practical techniques accompanied by full-colour, self-explanatory clinical photographs taking the reader through a journey of successful management of the failed clinical cases.

Using a variety of clinical cases, the book demonstrates why and how endodontic failures occur, how to prevent them, and how to manage them in clinical practice. It also emphasises on evaluating the restorability and prognosis of the tooth in order to make a proper case selection for providing retreatment. This book also discusses the various factors that can help the clinician to make a case for nonsurgical or surgical retreatment. Readers will benefit from the inclusion of clinical cases that provide:

A thorough introduction to perforation repair, with a clinical case that includes the repair of pulpal floor perforation caused due to excessive cutting of the floor of the pulp chamber

An explanation of various factors for instrument separation, supported with a case that includes the removal of a fractured instrument

Practical discussions of instrument retrieval, with a case that includes a fractured instrument at the apical third of mandibular molar

A step wise pictorial description for guided root canal therapy

Selective root canal treatment as a treatment option for retreatment of failed endodontic cases

A detailed clinical description for how to explore and modify the endodontic access cavity for locating extra/missed canals

Perfect for endodontists, endodontic residents, and general dentists, Clinical Atlas of Retreatment in Endodontics is also useful for undergraduate dental students and private practitioners who wish to improve their understanding of endodontic retreatment and are looking for a one-stop reference on the subject.


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