Textbook of Endodontics

Nisha Garg, Amit Garg

Endodontics is the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases of the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth.

This new edition is a complete guide to endodontics for dental students.

Divided into 39 chapters, the book covers numerous procedures and case studies and the text is further enhanced by more than 1500 clinical photographs, diagrams and tables.

The fourth edition has been fully revised, and new topics added, to provide students with the latest information and advances in the field.

Key points and clinical tips are highlighted for each topic and questions are included at the end of each chapter to assist exam preparation.

Key points

Complete guide to endodontics for dental students
Fully revised, new edition providing latest advances in the field
Includes more than 1500 clinical photographs, diagrams and tables
Previous edition (9789350909522) published in 2013


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