TMJ Balancing Therapy: TMJ Balancing Medicine, Full Body Therapeutic Medicine and Therapy Using the TMJ, Two Volume Set

by Dr. Young Jun LEE (Author)


– Its first edition was published in Korean in 2007, and a revised edition was published in 2019. This time its English edition is published for the first time, making it the first medical book to inform doctors outside Korea about the importance of TMJ.

– The book will be the first comprehensive book and Bible about the TMJ, revealing the fact that most acute & chronic diseases and incurable diseases are deeply linked to structural imbalances in the spine and nervous system caused by TMJ imbalance, and informing about the solutions. Through this book, readers will get to know the excellence of Korean medicine, which has been developing from ancient times to modern days.

– This book is a collection (comprehensive medical book) of TMJ Balancing Medicine that diagnoses and evaluates all diseases through the balance of TMJ and suggests solutions.

– This book contains all solutions to original treatments systematized from the perspective of third medicine rather than the perspective of Western medicine.

– This book is the first medical book on “TMJ Balancing Medicine” and “TMJ Balancing Therapy” systematized from a holistic perspective.

– This book is the first medical book to analyze, diagnose, and evaluate diseases through the TMJ balance and present relevant solutions.

– This book introduces the neurological causes, symptoms, diagnostic classifications, and treatment solutions that include exercise and training to resolve acute and chronic TMJ disorders classified from a holistic perspective.

– This book provides a treatment solution of a new paradigm for the treatment of intractable diseases, approached through the balance of the TMJ.

– This book introduces 170 cases of treatment videos and treatment processes for various intractable diseases such as dystonia, tic / Tourette’s disorder, trigeminal neuralgia, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, autism, general paralysis, lumbar disc herniation and stenosis, stuttering, and tinnitus, etc.

– This book introduces the treatment principles of non-surgical facial asymmetry & non-invasive malocclusion treatment, its solutions, and treatment videos.

– You will understand the value of TMJ Balancing Therapy through the endorsements of 21 doctors in each major field who are using Dr. Young Jun Lee’s treatment in clinical practice.

– Through this book, you can learn treatment solutions that manage incurable diseases through the master key present in the TMJ, and you will also learn several complementary therapies designed by Dr. Young Jun Lee and used for the treatment of incurable diseases.


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