Sustainable Dentistry : Making a Difference

Brett Duane

This book provides the why, what and how on delivering a sustainable dental practice. Dentists have a professional duty to support optimal oral health. They also have a moral duty to do so in a way that leaves the smallest footprint on this planet and takes their impacts on the environment and society into account. This book helps the reader to develop a sustainable practice, driven by prevention and delivering the right care at the right time and at the right place, within systems of universal, needs-based access to care.

Readers learn how to opt for a practice that is supplied with sustainable energy and encourages biodiversity while building models of care that maximize remote patient engagement and avoid travel. Clear guidance is given on responsible decontamination, waste management and environmentally sensitive ways of managing people with anxiety or behavioural difficulties within the dental setting. The future of dentistry products and innovations to reduce environmental impacts in the dental practice are discussed. This book is a must-have for dentists, dental students and all members of the dental team.


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