Clear Aligner Advanced

by Pablo Echarri

Here’s the translation:

A detailed textbook on clear aligner treatment, covering the advantages of Clear-Aligner (CA) and the actual clinical process, has been published.

“CLEAR ALIGNER ADVANCED” written by Pablo Echarri has been translated and published by Park Won-young and two others.

While the first translation in 2014 was an introductory book, this new book deals with CA DIGITAL system and has revised treatment protocols.

It introduces the Power Grip and various Screws that can be used with clear aligners, and covers a wider range of treatments such as pre-prosthetic treatment, full-arch orthodontics, and extraction orthodontics using these devices.

The translator said, “Clear aligner treatment is divided into two major schools of thought: the North American school, centered in the United States, and the European school, centered in Germany. While working as a clinician in the United States, I felt the limitations of the existing methods and was fascinated by the rational treatment method of CA, which was developed in Germany. I decided to translate this book to share the advantages and treatment outcomes of CA with other dentists.” He added, “With the introduction of the Digital System to CA, the range of clinical applications of clear aligners has expanded based on a wider range of indications. I hope that this will lead to a higher level of orthodontic treatment.”

Here are some additional details:

  • The book covers the advantages of CA, including its esthetics, comfort, and convenience.
  • It also discusses the actual clinical process, from diagnosis and treatment planning to aligner fabrication and delivery.
  • The book is written in a clear and concise style, with numerous illustrations and photographs.
  • It is a valuable resource for dentists and orthodontists who are interested in learning more about CA treatment.


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