New Approach to Lingual Orthodontics

by Pablo Echarri

  • Prologue of Dr. Kyoto Takemoto, WSLO President
  • Prologue of Dr. Pablo Echarri, Chairman of the 3rd WSLO Congress
  • Prologue of Dr. Adriana Pascual, SAO President, and Dr. Fernanda Elgoyhen, SAOL President


  • Anchorage control performed with mini-screws and the LingualjetTM appliance Dr. Pascal Baron, Dr. Cristophe Gualano
  • Anchorage in lingual orthodontics – Dr. Regina Bass
  • Clinical pathways in lingual orthodontics – Dr. Germain Becker, Dr. Catherine Boitard
  • Theoretical analysis of maxillary incisors movement due to antero-posterior force: labial vs. lingual orthodontics – Dr. Tamar Brosh, Dr. Michal Halperin & Dr. Silvia Geron
  • Advantages of the straight wire technique in lingual orthodontics – Dr. Julio Cal-Neto
  • Interdisciplinary management of adult patients with lingual braces – Dr. Asif Chatoo
  • Tissue reaction to light orthodontic forces – a comparison of STb versus Damon appliance – Dr. Claudia Corega & Prof. Dr. Dario Bertossi
  • Study group of lingual orthodontics (SGLO). Starting the way – Dr. Juan Carlos Crespi & Dr. Marcos López Rubio
  • Advanced active retainer: fixed lingual orthodontics with no brackets – Dr. Antonio D’Alessandro & Dr. Livia Nastri
  • Leveling and systemized treatment mechanics with the Magic® Lingual system – Dr. Rubens Demicheri
  • Skeletal anchorage in lingual orthodontics – Dr. Pablo Echarri
  • Therapeutic alternatives with lingual orthodontics – Dr. María Fernanda Elgoyhen & Dr. José Carlos Elgoyhen
  • Lingual orthodontics in the new era: Treatment according to criteria for occlusion and aesthetics – Dr. Ryuzo Fukawa
  • Retraction of lower anterior teeth with reduced anchorage loss without using miniscrews – Dr. Ricardo Gallardo
  • 20 years of lingual orthodontics in Brazil – Dr. José Carlos Gaspar & Dr. Vivian K. Grandino Gaspar
  • Management of the vertical dimension in severe anterior open bite (AOB) – Dr. Silvia Geron
  • A new in-house lingual bracket transfer system – Dr. Alfredo Gilbert
  • Clinical management of the lingual orthodontic appliance – Dr. Ana González Blanco
  • Lingual orthodontics and speech – language therapy: the benefits of interdisciplinary team work – Dr. Diana Grandi
  • Paradigms in lingual orthodontics – Prof. Dr. Julia F. De Harfin
  • Incisal embrasure and incisal edge: their efficacy of the aesthetic appearance of maxillary anterior teeth – Dr. Chiori Hashiba
  • Clinical and laboratory evolution in lingual technique – Dr. María Ester Hidalgo
  • Clinical standards of the establishment for facial balance and harmony in lingual bracket orthodontic technique – Dr. Toru Inami
  • Goodbye mushroom – Dr. Aurelio Jano Takane
  • Lingual plain wire appliance and microimplant anchorage – Dr. Hee-Moon Kyung
  • Microimplants as anchorage in orthodontics – Dr. Hee-Moon Kyung
  • How to obtain success with lingual orthodontics? – Dr. Roberto Lapenta
  • Partial case report: how to manage lingual treatment with an edentulous anterior teeth patient? – Dr. Jean François Leclerc, Dr. A. Paranque & Dr. A. Bolleyn
  • Mini screws in orthodontics: contribution of the 3D cone beam in surgical technique – Dr. Christophe Lessage
  • Selfligation in lingual technique – Dr. Hatto Loidl
  • From simple to complex – Dr. Marcos López Rubio
  • A new concept for lingual bracket – a point of view – Dr. Marcelo Marigo & Dr. Valter Arima
  • Lingual orthodontics FAQ – Dr. Francisco Martino
  • Surgical orthodontic treatment in lingual orthodontics – Dr. Isao Matsuno
  • Evaluation of cephalometric alterations noted during the lingual orthodontic treatment – Dr. Carla María Melleiro Giménez, Dr. Rita de Cássia Baratella, Dr. Andrea Cotrin Ferreira & Dr. Alexander Macedo
  • Miniscrews, auxiliaries and lingual orthodontics – Dr. Eliakim Mizrahi
  • Class II treatment – lingual orthodontics – Dr. Nayré Mondino de Kóstrun
  • Small movements and laboratory procedures – Dr. Ramiro Moreno
  • Lingual orthodontics for each patient: a reality in a daily practice – Dr. Magali Mujagic
  • Contribution of micro-screws to Class II treatment – Dr. Christine Muller
  • The interdisciplinary approach with the bracketless fixed orthodontics – Dr. Marino Musilli
  • Bracket “Evolution”: characteristics and case reports – Dr. Manabu Nakagawa
  • Development of the “In-Ovation-L” bracket from GAC – Dr. Carlos F. Navarro, Dr. Jorge Pérez – Salmerón & Dr. Scott Huge
  • Clinical experience of selfligated aesthetic directbond lingual bracket – Dr. T. Örtendahl
  • Lingual orthodontics: a means for osseous and tissue regeneration, conventional treatment and forced eruption – Dr. Mª Giacinta Paolone, Dr. Roberto Kaitsas & Dr. Gaetano Paolone
  • Vertical management in lingual technique: advantages and disadvantages – Dr. María Elsa Pavic
  • Lingual and other accessory aesthetic techniques – Dr. Mario Paz
  • Prieto’s hygiene-friendly pendulum – Dr. Lucas Prieto
  • Prieto Lingual Straight-Wire Bracket (PSWb) – Dr. Marcos Prieto
  • Progress in lingual orthodontics, 8 years of clinical experience – Dr. Caterina Pruzzo
  • Lingual you will love – Dr. Ronald M. Roncone
  • Microscrews and the lingual system: an efficient working combination for the patient – Dr. Florence Roussarie
  • Where is the best placement of micro implants, mid-palatal or alveolar bone or both? – Dr. Toru Shigeeda
  • New STb lingual straight wire method – Dr. Kyoto Takemoto & Dr. Giuseppe Scuzzo
  • Aluminum oxide – to use or not to use? – Dr. Rita de Cássia Souza Baratela Thurler, Dr. Paulo Eduardo Guedes Carvalho, Dr. Alexander Macedo, Dr. Andréia Cotrim Ferreira & Dr. Flávio Augusto Cotrim-Ferreira
  • Lingual orthodontics: problems and solutions – Dr. Henrique Valdetaro
  • Lingual orthodontics lesions vs. labial orthodontics lesions – Dr. Emma Vila Manchó
  • Miniimplants as biomechanical auxiliaries in lingual orthodontics – Dr. Milena Zulic


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